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Innovation is the Core Competence of AirMaster

‍For decades, innovation is the core competence created by AirMaster with efforts and is the soul of AirMaster development.


      Late CEO Steve Jobs of Apple ever said, the difference between the leader and the follower lies in innovation.
      As the world’s greatest innovative company, Apple perfectly interprets this point.
      For decades, innovation is the core competence created by AirMaster with efforts and is the soul of AirMaster development.
      Innovation we comprehend is not merely the process developing from nothing, it is also great innovation of giving new ideas to existing products and giving new content, new concept and new culture to traditional products.
      Everybody knows the importance of innovation, and the fierce competition, rapidly changing market and technology have convinced people beyond any doubt. The lack of innovation is like an utterly worthless person having no vigor or vitality.
      With the deepening and implementation of national independent innovation strategy, as the subject of innovation, the position of enterprise during the implementation process of independent innovation strategy becomes more and more important.
Innovation covers all aspects of product innovation, technical innovation, ideological innovation etc.., and whichever aspect it is, the innovation focuses on people. Only people innovate continuously and exploit continuously, can they create more values.
      Culture is a watershed. An Enterprise with Successful Innovation Inevitably Has Support of Innovative Culture.
      Pursuing excellent and endless mentality in staff, forming an atmosphere of advocating innovation and competing to innovate, and advocating the thought of seeking the truth and tolerating failure are cultural accumulation of several generations of enterprise persons sedulously pursuing innovation.
      Under the guidance of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation can bring new values to customers and bring competitive advantage that cannot be imitated to enterprise.

       Competitiveness brought by innovation are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:
      1. Combination with the market and channel;
      2. Integration of horizontal resources;
      3. Integration power of value chains;
      4. Development ability in specific research and development work.
      Enterprise employees are the main force of enterprise innovation, and it is essential to push the overall transformation of company with employee innovation. We shall fully support the innovation behaviors of employees. The encouragement of innovation thought and promotion of academic democracy are absolutely not enough by only resting on philosophy, and must advance the philosophy to system for solidification, so that, the employees can securely innovate and burst out more valuable innovation sparks, and the enterprise can form continuous innovative power.
      What is the most expensive in the twenty-first century? It is the talent! The most important resource of innovation is “people”, if the enterprise wants to boost technical innovation and self-dependent innovation and create core competence, the key is to create talent teams having innovation abilities, so talent team is the most important factor reflecting AirMaster innovation ability.
      Continuous optimization of human resource structure requires administrative personnel having working enthusiasm, execution efficiency and team spirit, as well as grass-roots employees having academic ability, innovation ability, execution ability and cooperation ability, so as to solve the employee development and partial optimization problem, attach importance to employee’s change of thoughts, maintain the stability of existing talent teams, actively recruit and introduce high-end talents for product planning, development and promotion as well as talents in key technical field, gradually optimize the existing human resource structure and form “Diamond” talent teams.
      The innovation ability is substantially a comprehensive ability, and it is a resultant force of various intelligence factors and ability qualities integrating, interacting and combing on a new level. Innovation creates something new and original based on intelligence and has certain scientific basis. When some overseas famous great entrepreneurs hire employee, they will require the employee to make a “reasonable mistake” in the first employment year, otherwise, the employee will be dismissed. In Japan, many enterprises always hire some students having distinct personality, but not related to the education background or the achievement at school, and these are all trying to seek talents having innovation ability. The famous physicist and Nobel Laureate, Weinberger ever said: “Not be content with the answers on books, try to find something different from the book. Such quality may be more important than intelligence, and it is often the watershed of the best students and the good students.”
      Innovation creates a kind of resource, and the use of such resource that makes the enterprise in a dominant position all the time can constantly advance the enterprise development.
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    market share of bio-pharmaceutical field