AirMaster, China’s largest medical purification air conditioner manufacturer, famous brand in fields of tobacco, hospital clean operation room, pharmaceuticals, electronics etc……

History of AirMaster

1、Birth (1981-1998)  
The precursor of AirMaster is Hongkong famous HVAC industry leader --- Winston Air Conditioning Company, which was founded in Hongkong 1970s. In 1981, AirMaster was officially established and built plant in Kowloon, mainly producing constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning unit dedicated for tobacco factory. In 1985, AirMaster was presented to the world by Hongkong government as famous brand high-quality products, and thus enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad. In 1990s, AirMaster entered Chinese mainland tobacco field, introduced various advanced techniques of constant temperature and humidity control technology, pulse spraying and filtering technology, aluminum alloy framework process for the first time and opened the market rapidly, and won a reputation of “Non-standard Customization Leader” with customization speciality. By the end of 1990s, AirMaster became the first brand of tobacco industry-dedicated air conditioning by its high-end quality.
2、Growth (1998-2009) 
With the deepening of mainland’s reform and opening, the clean air-conditioning industry had been developed rapidly. To adapt to the enterprise development requirements, AirMaster moved to Panyu Guangzhou and founded production base, and the scope of business was thus expanded to the whole clean air-conditioning field. During this stage, AirMaster continuously maintained the leading position in tobacco industry dedicated air-conditioning field, and strongly entered the purification air-conditioning field for hospital clean operation department, occupying the market share of up to 70% and becoming the absolute leader in mainland market. During the same period, AirMaster also achieved good performances in the purification air-conditioning for clean plants of electronics, pharmaceuticals and foods industries etc..
3、Expanding (2009-now) 
In 2010, AirMaster built the second production base in Weifang Shandong, and migrated the headquarters to Shandong. At the same time of consolidating the leading position in purification air-conditioning field for clean operation room and tobacco industry, AirMaster strengthened the market development of clean plant purification air-conditioning in fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals, foods, biotechnology, optics and photovoltaics, printing and packaging, cosmetics, precision machinery, automobile spray coating, aerospace and scientific experiment etc.. Changing from professional development to related diversified development, AirMaster expanded advantages formed in clean air-conditioning industry to comfortable air-conditioning industry, strengthening the product development of central air-conditioning unit and automatic control system, perfecting the industrial distribution and completing transformation from single product manufacturing to system solution supplier. At present, AirMaster is China’s largest medical clean air-conditioning manufacturer and occupies more than 70% market shares.
  • AirMaster was founded in Kowloon, invested and built its first plant, creating a new epoch of enterprise development.
  • Built the first mainland plant in Panyu Guangzhou.
  • From April to December 1999, its three technologies of anti-cold-bridge double-sided metal insulation structure, framework anti-cold-bridge structure and packaged framework structure obtained “National Utility Model Patent Certificate”.
  • On September 12, 2000, its intelligent environmental combined air-conditioning unit was awarded “Certificate of Appraisal of Scientific and Technological Achievements”.
  • Its seven technologies obtained the “National Utility Model Patent Certificate”, that is, stepped water supply pan, framework assembly unit structure, dual-tubes steam coil manifold, intermediate water pan of surface air cooler, embedded flexible connection structure at fan outlet, inside water-tight access door structure for air conditioner, plate filter of tenon assembly structure.
  • Its constant temperature and humidity air handling unit obtained the “National Utility Model Patent Certificate”.
  • Its three technologies obtained the “National Utility Model Patent Certificate”, that is, constant temperature and humidity cell air-conditioning unit, cell-type air-conditioning unit, and dry-steam nozzle with insulation sleeve.
    From 2007 to 2011, it was awarded with the honor certificate “Business Enterprise Observing Contract and Valuing Credit” continuously for five years.
  • Its two technologies of secondary return air constant temperature and humidity purification unit and DC constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system with total heat recovery function obtained the “National Utility Model Patent Certificate”.
    On February 12, 2009, passed the certification of Occupation Health Safety Management System.
    On February 12, 2009, passed the certification of Occupation Health Safety Management System.
  • In May 2010, participated in the organization of establishing Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology and became council member of the association.
    In October, founded the second mainland plant in Weifang Shandong, and migrated the headquarters to Weifang, forming a strategy pattern with three places of Shandong, Guangdong and Hongkong acting in cooperation with each other.
  • In July 2011, joined the Promotion Association of Temperature & Humidity Independent Control Air-conditioning System and become council member of the association.
  • From January to April, its offices all over the country was increased to 12.
    In April 2012, the national test center for refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment of AirMaster was officially built up and put into operation.
    In June 2012, its AAHM series of products successively passed EU standardcertification of German TUV SÜD Certification Authority.
    In July 2012, a kind of air source heat pump equipment having auxiliary defrosting solenoid valve of it obtained the “National Utility Model Patent Certificate”.
    In July 2012, it received the first batch of “Two District” Construction-Dedicated Funds of Shandong Province in 2012.
    In July 2012, AirMaster units in Jining Qufu Shangri-La project passed the acceptance, and its hosting products officially entered the marked.
    In September 2012, Shandong production base entered trial production stage.
    In September 2012, assigned technical backbones to participate in the seventh excellent classes of hospital industry and HVAC profession.
    In October 2012, participated the 18th national HVAC refrigeration academic annual conference.
    In October 2012,participated in the working conference of technical committee of the Promotion Association of Temperature & Humidity Independent Control Air-conditioning System.
    In December 2012, joined Hubei Association of Air-conditioning refrigeration Industry.
    In December 2012, joined the purification working committee of China HVAC Branch.
    In December 2012, the first winter sports of Shandong company and the fun games of Guangzhou company were successfully held.
    In December 2012, the new office building of headquarters was officially put into use.
    In 2012, its annual sales broke through RMB250 million.
    From 2008 to 2012, the projects of AirMaster participating Luban Prize for Construction Project were totally 1, and there were 32 winning projects in hospital industry, of which, AirMaster had 13.
  • In February 2013, AirMaster (Shandong) passed the quality management system certification, the environment management system certification and the occupational health and safety management system certification separately.
    In March 2013, AirMaster joined HVAC council and became a standing council unit.
    In March 2013, after Guangzhou company, Shandong company officially joined Chinese Association of Refrigeration, and joined China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association during the same period.
    In June 2013, participated “the Second Temperature and Humidity Independent Control Air-conditioning Technology Summit” and the alliance membership meeting.
    In June 2013, joined Energy-saving Service professional committee of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency.
    In September 2013, participated the national purification academic conference held in Wuhan.
    In September 2013, joined the HVAC professional committee and GSHP professional committee of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency.
    In November 2013, attended the first three general meeting of Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology.
    In December 2013, won “Top Ten Central Air-conditioning Competitive Brands” and “Top Ten Central Air-conditioning Terminal Brands”, and the president Wang Hongjun won “Top Ten Annual Characters” in China’s air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.
    In 2013, its annual sales broke through RMB360 million.
    By the end of 2013, according to incomplete statistics, AirMaster had participated in 9 hospitals of the first 10 hospitals in the national rankings of best hospitals, and participated in 31 of the first 50.
  • In January 2014, AirMaster was invited to be the editorial board member of the Yearbooks of China Association of Medical Equipment and the member of China Association of Medical Equipment.
    In April 2014, upgraded the marketing system again, established purification air-conditioning business division and commercial air-conditioning business division, and increased 13 branch companies, 6 offices and 5 commercial air-conditioning sale areas.
    In April 2014, its six products won “China Energy Conservation Product Certification” certificates.
    In September 2014, announced to establish new energy business division and develop new products of seawater source and air source. So far, AirMaster has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation of medical purification, commercial air conditioning and new energy.
  • In February 2015, founded Nanjing AirMaster Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., mainly undertaking the development of environmental technology and energy, the artificial environment system project and project management, research & development, marketing, import and export business of all series of central air-conditioning products.
    In February 2015, Guangdong AirMaster Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Went into full operation. Such production base is located in the first industrial park of Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, covering a floor area of 38092m2 and a building area of 10071m2, and now it can produce 40000 sets of large-scale air-conditioning equipment every year.