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World Cup Champion Is Released, What about Champion in The Clean Air-conditioning Field?

World Cup Champion Is Released, What about Champion in The Clean Air-conditioning Field?
After a month’s furious competition, the World Cup which is held every four years drops the curtain, and the fierce competition among teams presents a successive visual feast for the fans. 
When French team wins the championship, do you feel excited for them or feel pitiful for other teams? Anyhow, getting the “FIFA World Cup” verifies the strength of French team.
As everyone knows, an excellent world cup champion team cannot be separated from the sharp forward, the powerful midfielder and steady guard; and the same is true for a clean air-conditioning unit, from the technical design to the accessory selection, every step has to be strictly controlled, so as to guarantee efficient and stable operation of unit.
Just as AIS MASTER AAHM-H2 series of clean air-conditioning unit.
For over 30 years, AirMaster is devoting to the research & development and applications of air-conditioning equipment for industrial purification and biological purification, and gradually forms its own distinct technical features. AAHM-H2 series of clean air-conditioning unit is a type clean air-conditioning unit specially researched, developed and produced by AirMaster with national mandatory specifications as basis and design ideas, such as Architectural Standard for Hospital Clean Operating Department, Architectural Technical Code for Hospital Clean Operating Department, Air-conditioning Unit for Clean Operating Room (GB/T19569) and so on. For the high standard requirements of hospital purification air-conditioning system, AAHM-H2 series of air-conditioning unit for clean operating room provided by AirMaster have taken multiple technical measures to ensure.
AAHM-H2 series of air-conditioning unit for clean operating room are widely applied to biological purification places of clean operating room and auxiliary areas serving the operating room, pharmaceutical workshop, biology laboratory etc..
Such series adopt modular design. The air volume ranges from 1000 to 180000m³/h, and the pressure bearing of unit is up to 2500Pa. Such series of products have functions of air cooling, dehumidification, heating, humidification, filtering and purification, sterilization etc.. Through flexible combinations of functional sections, such series of unit can meet different application requirements of users.
Perfect “Champion” skills.

      Reliability Guarantee Measures
      Excellent material is the guarantee basis of equipment reliability. Through many years’ industrial experiences and accumulation, AirMaster has built a set of reliable material configuration scheme and a stable material supply chain.
All the parts and materials related to the air-conditioning unit, from main parts of fan, motor, compressor and humidifier etc. to a screw or a piece of soft canvas, are all used or examined in the air-conditioning unit of operating room for long time, and this is an important guarantee for the product quality.
       Strength Guarantee Measures
      The unit adopts double-layer insulation board design, and the standard configurations of inside and outside boards are color galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet. The frame can optionally use aluminum alloy frame or frameless box board structure. The overall thickness of box board is 50mm and the box board structure is 30mm. The inside and outside metal boards as well as the foam insulation layer are foam molded at one time to form high-strength box board.
       Anti-cold-bridge Measures
      The unit adopts the particular anti-cold-bridge structure, which effectively solves the cold bridge problem existing in the frame and thoroughly solves the box condensing problem. The anti-cold-bridge performance can reach grade TB2 of EN1886 standard.
      Integral Sealing Measures
      Special sealing measures are taken between box boards, and between the box board and the frame, which can guarantee that the sealing performance unit is much higher than the standard of general air-conditioning unit. The overall air tightness of unit can reach grade L1 of EN1886 standard (superior to unit in GB50333 that the air leakage rate under 1500Pa pressure difference is less than 1%).
      Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction Measures
      Application of efficient low-noise backward centrifugal fan having strong overload resistance and reasonable type selection ensure the working point of fan is in the efficient and low-noise area, so as to reduce the base noise of fan. While for the 50mm thick insulation boxboard, the sound insulation can reach 35dB(A) above.
      Bacteriostasis and Mildewproof Measures
      The surface corners in unit are designed as circular arc transition for cleaning, and the gaps are sealed by silicon-free sealant; the surface cooling segment is on the positive pressure section, without water baffle, and the dry water pan guarantees smooth drainage and prevents ponding; ultraviolet germicidal lamp is configured; the water pan uses bacteriostatic material and can sterilize continuously, with the sterilizing efficiency up to 99.99% above; the inwall board of box can use bacteriostatic material, so as to reach better antibacterial effect.
      High Insulation Performance
      The double-layer insulation board closely integrates with the polyurethane one-off closed cell foaming material, with foaming density no less than 45Kg/m³ and thermal conductivity K=0.0213W/m•K. The overall insulation performance of unit can reach grade T1 of EN1886 standard.
      Precise Temperature and Humidity Control
      For units having strict temperature and humidity requirements, the electrical heater can adopt multi-stage equal-ratio allocation or 1:2:4 differential allocation mode to meet the fine adjustment precision of temperature rise; humidifiers can use dry-steam humidifier, electrode humidifier or electric hot water humidifier. Through advanced automatic control, high-precision sensor configuration and strictly controlled cold and heat source powers, AAHM-H2 series units can realize high-precision control of temperature and humidity (with temperature precision up to ±0.5℃ and humidity to ±2% at most).
      Efficient Dust Removal and Sterilization 
      Such series of products have three grades of filters to select, primary, intermediate and advanced, and the grade of filter can reach H13 at most. Meanwhile, the product is provided with fiber active carbon composite filter, TiO2 sterilizer and ultraviolet sterilizer etc., which can effectively remove dust and sterilize to ensure fresh and healthy indoor air.
      Sweating on the football field achieves the champion road of French team; and the careful and strict working attitude in the R&D laboratory and on the production line creates a series of air-conditioning unit for clean areas. As the Leader in Chinese high-end clean air-conditioning field, AirMaster air-conditioners will continue to adhere to the quality and service, deepen the product performance and serve more medical and associated fields.