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Shandong yashishi co., LTD. Heat exchanger production line project The first environmental impact assessment was published

Shandong yashishi co., ltd. plans to invest in the construction of the heat exchanger production line project of shandong yashishi co., LTD. According to the interim measures on public participation in environmental impact assessment and other relevant environmental laws and regulations and the requirements of relevant documents, the announcement is as follows:
. project name and overview
Project name: heat exchanger production line project of shandong yashishi co., LTD
Construction unit: shandong yashishi co., LTD
Construction nature: new construction
Industry: C3464 refrigeration, air conditioning equipment manufacturing
Total investment: 5 million yuan
Legal representative: wang hongming
Construction content and scale: the project leases the total construction area of weifang new cage new material co., ltd. with a total construction area of 5,295 square meters and a production area of 1,020 square meters, and purchases 13 sets of equipment such as high-speed blanking machine, servo vertical expansion pipe machine, etc. After completion of the project, the production capacity of 72,000 sets of heat exchangers will be formed with 50 million economic benefits.
Construction location: east of weian road and south of taoyuan street.
.Construction unit and environmental assessment unit
1. Construction unit
Name of construction unit: shandong yashishi co., LTD
Contact number: 18364649900
Contact person: manager wang
2. Environmental assessment unit
Chengzhi (Shanghai) environmental technology co. LTD
Contact number: 18706679300
Contact: feng gong
. Environmental impact assessment work procedures, approval procedures and main work contents
1. Working procedures of environmental impact assessment:
Acceptance of commission, environmental status investigation, collection of data, environmental quality status monitoring, preparation of environmental impact report, evaluation of environmental engineering evaluation center, and report to the competent department of environmental protection for approval.
2. Approval procedures:
Construction units shall, in accordance with the state environmental protection administration announced the list of classified management of the construction project environmental protection regulations, organize the formulation of the environmental impact report form and construction units shall apply to the administrative department of environmental protection, submit the relevant materials, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of all filing materials content to the competent administrative department of environmental protection acceptance after construction project environmental impact report form, organization expert evaluation (evaluation institutions in general and the evaluation report shall be submitted within 30 days and shall be responsible for evaluating conclusion) and approved by the examination of construction project, the competent administrative department for environmental protection shall be approved by the decision,And inform construction unit in written -- environmental protection administration department before making the decision that approve, the construction project catalogue that plans to approve is published on government website, public announcement time is 10 days.After the approval decision is made, the approval results of construction projects are announced on the government website.
3. Main work content:
Survey of construction project and project analysis: survey of construction area status: evaluation of the impact of engineering construction on environment;Technical and economic evaluation of pollutant treatment measures;Clean production analysis;Environmental risk assessment analysis;Total control;Environmental economic profit and loss analysis;Environmental management and monitoring programs.
. The main items for soliciting public opinions
The public's requirements and comments on the site selection and environmental protection of the project.
.The main ways in which public opinions are presented
The public may Within 10 working days after this announcement:
1. Contact the construction unit by phone.
2. Written materials can be directly sent to the construction unit.


Shandong yashishi co. LTD
October 8, 2018