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Shandong yashi co., LTD. Heat exchanger production line project The second public announcement of environmental impact assessment

      The eia work of "heat exchanger production line project" of shandong yashishi co., ltd. has been carried out till now. After the initial public announcement, we have completed the preliminary draft of the eia report form.Up to the date of the initial public announcement, no objections have been received from the public.From the perspective of "putting people first" and respecting the public's right to know, the eia has been released for the second time.
The main contents of this eia are introduced as follows:
      I. project overview
      The heat exchanger production line project of shandong yashi co., ltd. is located in the high-tech industrial development zone of weifang city, shandong province. After the completion of the project, the production scale is 72,000 heat exchangers (sets) per year.The total investment of the project is 5 million yuan, of which the investment in environmental protection is 680,000 yuan, accounting for 13.6% of the total investment. After the construction project is put into operation, the local resources can be fully utilized.
      Ii. Production and pollution situation of new projects and measures taken
      1. The atmospheric pollution sources of the project are mainly soot, NOx and SO2 discharged by a gas degreasing furnace and an automatic welding line. Pollutants are discharged through 15m exhaust cylinder after reaching the standard through spray tower +UV photooxygen catalytic treatment.
      2. The wastewater generated by the project includes production wastewater and domestic wastewater. The production wastewater mainly includes oil-containing wastewater from the leak detection tank, a small amount of spray wastewater from the spray tower, and domestic sewage is not discharged.The wastewater generated by the project is discharged after being filtered by oil-water filter.
      3. Noise in the production process of existing projects is mainly equipment noise. Currently, noise control is mainly carried out by selecting low-noise equipment, anti-vibration measures, building sound insulation, strengthening greening and other measures.It is characterized by concentrated noise source, low intensity, general source strength of 65 ~ 80dB(A).
      4. The solid wastes generated by the project are mainly wastes, waste packaging materials, unqualified products, welding slag, etc., which are general industrial solid wastes and are sold for comprehensive utilization;Domestic garbage is mainly waste, which is handed over to the sanitation department for unified cleaning, transportation and disposal.The filtered waste oil, used waste oil barrels, waste acid solution left over from wiping the workpiece and waste cloth are hazardous wastes, which shall be collected uniformly and disposed of by qualified hazardous waste treatment companies.
      Iii. Major issues for public consultation
      1. Do you know the new project of shandong yashi co., LTD
      2. Your attitude towards the new project;
      3. Influence of new construction on local economic and social development;
      4. Impact on the environment after the completion of the project;
      5, your basic attitude towards the affected;
      6. What are your Suggestions and opinions on the new construction of the project.
      Iv. Main ways of public opinions
      To submit written comments by letter, fax or other means as required by the relevant announcement to the construction unit or the eia unit entrusted by it or the competent administrative department of environmental protection responsible for examining and approving the eia report form.
      Name and contact information of the construction unit
      Construction unit: shandong yashi co., LTD
      Address: no. 7898 taoyuan street, high-tech industrial development zone, weifang city
      Contact number: 18364649900
      Name and contact information of the eia agency undertaking the assessment
      Eia unit: chengzhi (Shanghai) environmental protection technology co., LTD
      Contact number: 18845107978
      Public time: November 23, 2018 solstice December 3, 2018